The issue about women driving their husbands to an early grave has become a pandemic and Kamene decided to speak about it this morning.

She says over the weekend she was left heartbroken after hearing men share sad stories of how their women drive them to depression and eventually to death, thanks to their frustrations.

The men said despite the world already being harsh on them, they have to face their annoying wives who are supposed to be their source of hope and joy.

"I had a conversation with a group of married men and I realized men are frustrated out here. From pressure to provide and all. Women you are the biggest problems and stressers in men's lives," said Kamene.


Apparently when you are elevated you want to start making demands. You can imagine it is hard enough being a man in this world then you are giving them pressure. You refused to be encouraging and supportive.

Since some of these men won't share their problems with anyone, they end up piling up stress after stress. With no one to turn to at home, they end up depressed, marriages end and some even take their own lives. 

Jalas likened such women to 'monsters' who are driving men to alcoholism and making them show up late in the house everyday to avoid confrontations.

Check out the video below;