Control is one very powerful tool someone can possess, not the kind to make people’s lives miserable but the one where you have control over yourself.

Kamene thinks women should learn how to have control over their emotions and behavior lest they be judged harshly by the society.

As a woman if there is one thing that is important and absolutely fundamental for you to have is control.


We are judged a lot by our lack of control, society is very harsh on us and will always be if you can’t control your emotions, behavior and what you say,Kamene said.

She argues that when men misbehave when they are drunk it can be deemed ‘alright’ but that wouldn’t happen if a woman overindulges and misbehaves.

She says to avoid walking around with a tag or a label for something you did, women should take a step back and think whether they are doing the right thing.


“You are safer off running away than losing control over yourself. You are better off not being there than putting yourself in a position that will compromise all your hard work,” added Kamene.