Just like Machakos Governor and his ex wife Lilian Ng'ang'a, Jalas also has an amicable relationship with his ex, Boyo.

In fact, he has spoken about their relationships several times on air. He says he respects Boyo, the mother of their daughter Sally.

Speaking recently about having an amicable ex, Jalas said;

"So you have never had an amicable ex? I am the Lillian type . Wassup how are you doing? I do not mean that I will reach out but when we meet and we are in the same space, I will say hi,"  adding, 

"I am an amicable ex. Someone like my ex Boyo, she is my best friend."

True to his words, Jalas has once again proved he has nothing but love and respect for Boyo when he showered her with beautiful words today, as she celebrates her 34th birthday.

Jalas wrote; "Happy birthday Min Sally keep being amazing."

jalas ex
jalas ex

Happy birthday Boyo!