Everyone in Kenyan want to lead a soft life - I mean no one came into this life to suffer and life is for the living.

This morning Kamene and Jalas were reacting to a tweet where someone said a documentary should be done highlighting how many women out here are living the soft life without a job.

The two were in agreement that hard work is the only way to a soft life and there is no short cut for it.

However they know there are men and women who are willing to find someone to finance their soft life.

Below are some of the reactions from Kiss FM listeners;

Leah said: This soft life is only sustainable for a period of time juu huyu msee akikufa what will happen?

Mbona watu wanataka kuwekwa? Watu wafanye kazi, wake up early do something watu waache kuwekwa na wamama huko," said Wachira.

John said: On behalf of baby boys. You know when you work hard there's no frustrations but when you rely on other people they will soon replace you.

Jose believes; Mwanaume ni effort na kujituma. Men should work hard always na hii hustle lazima wanaume waichape.

"We must make it whether legally or illegally. Mtoto wangu na mama yangu wakiwa Sawa niko sawa," Baba Zuri reacted.