A few days ago, a huge number of Asians were seen stranded at JKIA raising a concern among Kenyans who wanted the government to tell it’s people who these people really are.

Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said the foreigners are visitors with valid travel documents.

According to Daily Nation, Oguna said; “They are tourists in the country legally and some prefer traveling and staying as families."

The said tourists have been seen flocking various Nairobi and Machakos estates, some were even spotted rocking to some Mugiithi over the weekend.

While discussing the issue this morning, Chito says he could not accessed a certain hotel in Loresho because most of the Pakistanis were using it as their quarantine centre.

The two are actually worried that these Pakistanis are actually taking our women and someone needs to tell us the truth about them and their real intentions.

Have you met the Pakistanis? Have you welcomed them? Have you interacted with them? Share your story with us.