In the game of life we think we are better alone but truth is we can’t survive alone and we need each other.

Even the most successful people had someone hold their hands and showed them the way at some point.

During his wake up call segment, Jalas wants you to be that person who doesn’t want to succeed alone and instead wants to carry other people up with him.

“If you have succeeded in life it is because at some point someone held your hands and showed you the way. No one succeeds alone, hold someone’s hand and be the reason they never gave up,” said Jalas.

Jalas looked back at his journey and the number of people who held his hands, number of relatives who hosted him in their homes and also guys who gave him a chance at the Kenyan national theater.

He gave a special shout out to the likes of the late Papa Shirandula, Caroline Mutoko and Shaffie Weru for holding his hand.

He went ahead to show gratitude to people who appreciate him for holding their hands along the way.

Jalas says the race is not against each other but against poverty.

“This journey you can’t make it alone, you need people in your life to show you the way, and when you are shown the way reciprocate and hold somebody else’s hand,” he added.