The last few days, netizens were left shocked after reading about the latest con game in town.

A woman walks into a salon with a kid and once she gets her hair done she asks the salonist to tend to the child before excusing herself and leaving the child behind.

After the salonist is done she realizes the woman is yet to come back and upon asking the child on her whereabouts, she learns that the two don’t even know each other and that the kid was lured into joining her with the promise of a free salon services.

This prompted Jalang'o to ask Kiss FM listeners to share their con stories in Nairobi, but not before he hilariously shared how he was conned Sh5000 by a person pretending to sell him a cheaper phone.

Jalang'o was left frustrated when he realized he was sold for a fake phone which was stuffed with a mix of bread and mud.

Check out his story below;