Kamene and jalas
Kamene and jalas

According to Kamene and Jalas what Kenyans have is audacity but they lack boundaries in equal measure.

The two were discussing how Kenyans clearly don't have boundaries when it comes to choosing whom they are sleeping with.

Kamene says one Instagram celebrity asked her followers to reveal their dirtiest secrets and most of the revelations were about how someone slept with their wife's sister and mom, how one lady slept with her man's best friend and so on.

Shocked by that, she wondered what happened to boundaries and while she seemed to blame the men, Jalas reminded her that the problem lies with the one who doesn't respect other people's relationships as well as the one allowing it.

He said; “For example if I happen to date you (Kamene) then I date your sister Natasha, she is the one who should come and warn you about me.” Adding; “That is the way to deal with the boundaries, go there and tell your neighbor, this is what your husband has been telling me.”

Kamene wanted to know the motivation behind it all asking whether there is less variety of men out there.

“Can you tell me has it become a free for all? Mahali chakula itapatikana itapatikana, do we have boundaries anymore?” asked Kamene.

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