If you are a single mother and have been left feeling some typa way whenever Akothee posts about her love life, worry no more.

The president of single moms says she has received requests from her fellow single moms to keep her love life off social media and she says she is ready to oblige.

The mother of five says she is deeply sorry for making her followers feel bad and as much as she believes every woman 'needs a man to keep her common senses in check,' she has decided on what she will put out there.


"Single mothers have asked me to keep my love life of social media until we all get someone, okey, I have heard you but how will I know you all are ready ?. I am sorry for making you feel bad, but remember Every woman needs a man to keep her comonsenses in check," wrote Akothee.

She added,

God was not stupid to ask Noah to build an ark that could accommodate 2,2,2 Wewe ni nani kupigana na mwili. somethings can't be replaced, if this relationship doesn't work, keep trying until you get it right

Mambo yenu ya I don't need A MAN !iliiiisha na korona CORONA HUMBLED MOST OF US. Tell me when you all have someone .

Akothee says from now on she will only post about; 1. My engagement 2. My Wedding 3. My Baby bump .