Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

This morning Kamene had a very deep talk with her fellow babes on matters life and how they view it.

Menje reminded the ladies on the need to be dynamic and accepting of life changes without bemoaning over every loss, because some could be a blessing in disguise.

She said; "Baby girl be dynamic enough to accept the fact that life is a series of phases; You gain you lose." Adding;  "Be more fixated on the process and what comes with it, baby girl life changes you lose love, you lose friends and pieces of yourself that you never would imagine would go."

Kamene says as time goes you find yourself becoming harder, less emotional and sometimes you feel like you are not in touch with your emotions and even less sympathetic.

In the process, you regain the same pieces in form of new friends, better love, you get stronger and wiser.

“The beauty about losing things is you gain so much more, you gain a better quality of friends and a better understanding of the kind of love you want in your life. You learn so many lessons from the pain and the loss and you become a stronger woman.”

From now on, Kamene wants you to look at every loss with a different perspective and not be too fixated on what you are losing and gaining.

Watch the video below;