A worldwide social media outage that affected Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram left Kenyans frustrated for different reasons.

Some who highly depend on these applications to run and promote their businesses were highly affected but why was the rest of the population complaining?

Apart from online business owners, the rest of you, did the social media outage really affect you?Is there anything that you missed out on? 

Kamene says she had one of the most peaceful nights but for Jalas his wife has been away from home and he had a tough time trying to communicate with her via Whatsapp video calls.

"It was a peaceful night because some of these things are detrimental to our lives because they cost us peace and some of you people have very unhealthy relationships with these social media apps,"  said Kamene.

Kijana Mdollar sais; Whatsapp imeniokolea sana juu ex girlfriend hunifeelisha sana akipata new catch so sijui kama ni mimi pekee huwa Naona.

One female caller could not understand all the fuss;  "Yaani guys get stressed over such things?" She asked.


Mkufe juu ya stress ya social media? Mimi I came home watched my zora and went to sleep peacefully. Menje hata wazime a whole week mimi niko tu sawa.