On Monday 20th of September 2021, Mulamwah and his fiancee welcomed their little bundle of joy a baby girl, Keilah Oyando. 

A proud Mulamwah, described his new born baby as a 'miracle.'

"She is cute , cant wait for someday to show her to the world , and have a dad daughter talk," wrote Mulamwah. 

Two days later, Sonnie through a video revealed that parenthood is not easy but all in all she is proud to have that title.

"I love the new glow! I love it, I love it. Guys thank you so much for your wishes and your prayers we really do appreciate," Sonnie said in a video posted by Mulamwah.

She added,

I am so happy and proud to be a mom, thank God it has not been easy but we thank God for everything."

In an exclusive interview with Baba Keilah, Mulamwah revealed was over the moon after becoming a dad, an experience he says he continues to cherish every single day.

He said Sonnie is doing great as a mum and she 'learning from her mum on how to handle the child.' He added;  'It's our first experience so we are learning everyday.'

With being new parents comes with less sleep to sleepless nights because of the baby's sleeping pattern, but the Mulamwah's are loving every experience.

"We thank God Sonnie was able to get on her feet 48 hours after she gave birth and she and the baby are strong and healthy.

It is a beautiful thing and we are not sleeping well since the kid sleeps during the day and stays awake at night," Said Mulamwah.

Mulamwah's fiancee Sonnie and their new born baby
courtesy Mulamwah's fiancee Sonnie and their new born baby

A few days after baby Keilah's birth, DJ Mo and Size 8 announced that they had lost their unborn child.

The Murayas announced that they had lost their unborn baby after Size 8 was forced to undergo 'a very dangerous critical emergency operation' due to high blood pressure.

Mulamwah says he sympathized with the celebrity couple adding that as a trained nurse he understands the difficult decision they had to make in order to save Size 8.