If you look within your circle of friends or people that you call your family, chances are high you will realize there is something that attracted you to them and vice versa.

On his wake up call segment, Jalang’o says most people are friends with others because of something that they posses or their status in the society. In short, nobody wants to be with a nobody.

“Nobody loves you for nothing. It is either you have money or good looking, you have a good personality or you have a great mind or you have a social status or you are a blind of all these. In summary nobody wants to like a nobody,” said Jalang’o.

He says as sad as it is, one thing that one can’t change is their looks but they can change their social status through hard work, hence changing how people perceive them.

Go out there, hustle and make money they will want to be with you, go to school have a great mind and personality, learn a new skill and they will want to be with you,added Jalang’o.