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Are you treating your mandem? He doesn't deserve it or you can't afford it?

That was the big question on The Morning Kiss after a video of SK Macharia being gifted a Sh26M brand new Range Rover went viral.

"We are looking at a car worth 26m but we haven't asked you to gift you gifts worth that money," said Jalas.

"To you who can't afford that money how much is a hoodie? How much does a pair of shoes cost? All you do is 'babe my shoes,' 'babe my hair,' 'babe dinner' without even reciprocating."

As much as Kamene tried to defend the ladies, male callers proved to her that indeed Kenyan women don't gift their significant others.

However one female caller from Mombasa proved to be a be a cut from a different cloth;

Mimi humspoil tunaenda BBQ and ice cream. For now hana job and I spoil him and do shopping for him and his mom and life goes on.

Malcom sad: These people can't treat us with anything. This people the only thing they can give us is their bodies, they are useless.

Most Kenyan women believe the man is supposed to provide and when it comes to treating them they are not concerned because it is a man's job, said Duncan.

Peter Okello : Yes ladies in Kenya treat us, badly! They treat us badly.

Jalas says most of these women when they treat us they will let the whole world know. Mkikosana watakuanika na kukuitisha kila kitu walikununulia.