In this life there are good people who always put others first and are willing to break their backs for them.

They will forego their needs and work on solving other people’s problems. According to Jalas, the problem with that is you have already put yourself second.

The problem of putting others first, you’ve just told them that you come second or you don’t value yourself, Jalang’o said on today’s wake up call.

He says it is always you and only you and it is only after you value yourself that is when others will value you. When you cease to do that then nothing about you will take off.

Agreeing with her co-host, Kamene added:

"You who is always prioritizing other people jplease know that you can’t change the world. You can’t fix everybody’s problems. Y

ou who always puts everybody before you, you will always try but you will not be able to fix everybody’s problems."