kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas

Men allover the world hate it or dislike it when a woman you are supposed to take on a date shows up with their friends.

One, if they had not informed you about their plans then it comes out as disrespectful. Two, that friend will just act as a barrier between you two and three you will end up denting the man’s wallet.

However there is a whole different angle that Jalas introduced this morning one that turned into a bitter pill for Kamene to swallow.

Jalas says another reason women shouldn’t drag their girlfriends to dates is that tables might turn and the guy might be interested in your friend and the two start vibing, leaving you out in the cold.

He says the man shouldn’t be blamed because when he approached you or slid into your DM it was just you.

He says by showing with your friend you might end up introducing him to his soulmate.

Check out the conversation below;