Mercy Masika and her hubby David Muguro
courtesy Mercy Masika and her hubby David Muguro

Gospel singer Mercy Masika has come out guns blazing with a very crucial advice for couples out there.

Masika has urged everyone looking to settle down not to do so out of the current 'mayoriyori' feelings they are going through and instead to use their brains and the holy spirit to guide them.

Masika posted a message that read;

"'Don't marry someone just because you feel mayoriyori. Mayoriyori lasts at least 6 months then reality inawatembelea."

To drive the message home for the people at the back, her caption hit the nail on the head. 

"Love the feeling can poteza you...Usijipoteze na mafeeling. Tumia akili na roho mtakatifu..Mayoriyori is strong feelings of attraction," wrote Masika.

Masika and her hubby David Muguro recently celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary and it goes to show she knows a thing or 10 when it comes to that sector.

To mark their milestone, the two lovebirds penned beautiful messages for one another leaving their fans awed.

Mercy wrote;

''Happy 13th anniversary to us. I consider myself blessed to do life with you Han.

Your love has moulded me and kept me strong. I truly would still marry you again if there was a next lifetime because you have loved wisdom.

Thanks for 13 amazing years.''

Her husband David wrote;

''Because living is amongst men, in this human domain this is my ode to my wife. To the married keep growing and working it, to the singles, make it your duty to learn to be the best you can be to your partner.''