JuaCali in Kiss FM studios
JuaCali in Kiss FM studios

The king of Genge music, JuaCali says his wife Lily Asigo inspired his latest jam, Tokema.

Speaking to Kamene and Jalas, JuaCali said: "I remember we were on holiday and when I sang the chorus for her from off the dome and she loved it. From there it was all systems go."

#Juacali #Tokema #Ngomma Tokema is the 1st Official single off JuaCali's yet to be titled 5th Album. Artist : JuaCali Producer : MavoOnTheBeat Video Director : Ricky Bekko MakeUp Artist : Lilly Asigo Stylist : TeaBag

The two have been together for 12 years and Juacali says Lily has played a huge role in his life and success as an artist.

"We have been together since 2009 and she has been a fundamental part of my journey. I always thank God her dad is a lecturer and she's grown seeing her dad traveling and seeing me travel wasn't strange to her."

Niki perform song kama kamata dem na hakuna madem hapo ananiuliza Mbona unaimba kamata dem na hukamati dame?

The two love birds are blessed with three kids and he says his last born Abbie is the head of the house and no one messes with her.

The last born Abbie ndio Taliban plus pia yeye amekam kwa this world akijua Kuna wa biggie wake na akishika iPad hivi hakuna mtu anaweza guza.

He launched Tokema exclusively on Kiss FM and revealed that he has another surprise project set to be released in the near future for his adoring fans.