Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

There is a video doing rounds on Twitter from a lady who was flooded with gifts from her man on her birthday.

The gifts include six dream vacation destinations across the world, expensive shoes, customized mugs and chains to show how much he loves her and so much more.

She created a whole thread and according to Kamene and Jalas they didn't take long to realize the man behind all the gifts is Nigerian.

Kamene says Nigerians are known for their generosity and going all out, Rwandese men are good looking but really wanted to know what Kenyan men are known for.

Kenyan men are a combination of beauty and generosity we just don’t go out there blowing our horns. There are women in this country who have received better gifts than what that guy is doing, Jalas said.

He said that Kenyan men are subtle with their gifting but gift huge.

“Kenyan men are a blend of many amazing things. They are handsome men, generous for that matter and very very faithful. We love our women the best way possible but what stands out is the faithfulness, added Jalas.

Kamene says one thing she can't argue with is how industrious Kenyan men are but do you agree with Jalas or you have a different definition of Kenyan men?