Eric Omondi kiss studios
Eric Omondi kiss studios

The president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi has announced the return of season of wife material!

Dubbed the 'Africa edition' Omondi has announced that the upcoming edition which will have contestants from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Four months ago, Omondi was forced to cancel the show over a rogue contestant out of the 10 female contestants from East Africa.

His announcement left a section of his fans angry with many telling him that all he would have done was drop the rogue contestant and let the show continue.

Omondi wrote;

Sadly, it seems #wifematerial2 was never meant to happen, but we can still say it happened in away, actually twice. The show was to begin tomorrow as has been heavily advertised but unfortunately that won’t be so."

He added;

"The idea behind #wifematerial is to entertain but most importantly to ensure that the contestants are comfortable, safe and having the time of their lives while contesting, unfortunately one of the contestants went completely and utterly β€œrogue” and despite numerous attempts to control the situation the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue. We say farewell to season two. season 3 will start almost immediately.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™."

Let us hope that this time we will get to enjoy a full experience of the show without any interruptions.