Otile Brown and Nadia Mukami are among a number of Kenyan artists who had their top songs removed from YouTube.

Otile through his management has addressed the issue saying they are working round the clock to try and find a solution to that and are hoping the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Reacting to the current situation, Jalas says he wishes the country's next president will look after the affairs of Kenyan artists saying he doesn't think the likes of PRISK and MCSK are doing enough.

Jalas suggested that the next president should come up with a body that protects artists and other talents from people looking to frustrate their hard work.

"I think there should be a body that fights for artists, artists wanalia tu na no one cares and fights for them. I think the next president should fight for our talents and we have a body that fights and defends the interests of our artists," said Jalas.