Over the weekend, tourism CS Najib Balala announced that any Kenyan who wants a hyena named after them will have to pay Ksh 2 million.

"Anyone who wants hyena named after them will have to pay KSh 2 million in exchange for the hyena-naming bragging rights," Balala said. 

Balala revealed this during the Amboseli Tembo naming festival, adding that the Ministry of Tourism has started with naming elephants, but this will soon extend to other animals. 

"Any animal can be named, but we opted to start with the elephants because they are the ones who are most endangered," Najib Balala said. 

Najib Balala(left) a hyena(right) Image: Courtesy
Najib Balala(left) a hyena(right) Image: Courtesy

That sparked a very interesting conversation on social media with the self proclaimed 'Team mafisi' feeling that their time to shine has finally come.

However, they bemoaned the hefty fee one has to pay in order to have a fisi named Brayo, Kevo or any other name.

This morning, Jalas wanted to know if there are Kenyans who would be willing to have Hyena-naming bragging rights?

Below are some of the reactions he received from Kiss listeners;

"Siwezi taka hyena kuwa named after me but hiyo bei ipandishwe."

"Mimi hata wanipee bure siwezi taka fisi iitwe jina yangu. Fisi? Aii hapana Wacha Ikae."

Kennedy : "Niko tayari kulipa lakini hiyo Pesa ipandishwe ifike kama milioni tano."

"Wengine tunaitwa fisi for free why should I waste 2 million? "Kisya from Webuye.

Mose from Limuru : Hii story imenishangaza imagine Jina yangu ya Bible unapata imepewa fisi.