A few days ago, iconic boy band, Sauti Sol announced that they are embarking on a wonderful journey which will see them do solo projects.

In a statement, the group described the journey as 'wonderful' 'in which they are self-actualising by showcasing their personal strengths and characters as the artists who came together to form Sauti Sol.'

The journey which is dubbed “Alone-Together,” is the mantra formed to define this unique development. It ties in the natural progression that each band member is experiencing, while still maintaining a cohesive unit.

The journey is a 4-part open letter to their fans and the world to enlighten them on who Sauti Sol (Savara, Chimano, Bien and Polycarp) really are; 4 phenomenal parts that make 1 Iconic whole.

They revealed that each member shall embark on their “alone phase” with a single release by December 2021. This shall be closely followed by releases of full projects whose dates shall be announced in due time.

The good news is that the group will bless us with a new album in May 2022.

As much as the new journey sounds fun and exciting, one Jalas was left a bit worried that, that might signal the beginning of the end of Sauti Sol after 15 years!

Jalas says he doesn't think they are splitting up yet but referenced to P-Unit who ended up splitting after doing solo projects and hoped that they will stay united.

"It is just a chance for each and everyone of them to go out there and explore some solo projects and I know they will come back," Jalas said.

He added,

Ispokuwa hizi solo projects eti oh it is just a solo project hapo ndio kinaumananga and you don't want to come back, uliza P-Unit.

Bald Men Love Better by Bien- Aime, Father Studies by Fancy Fingers, Heavy Is The Crown by Chimano and Savage Level by Savara, will all be released on Exodus Entertainment |Sol Gen and distributed by Ingrooves.