What comes to your mind when the verb ‘risk’ is mentioned? To some it is something worth discussing but not worth taking.

In this life we are ever surrounded by risks but if then again it is not worth living it if you are not willing to take a few risks here and there.

During his wake up call segment, Jalang’o said that: 'The biggest risk anyone has ever taken is not taking any risk.'

“You want to be comfortable you don’t want to hang on the cliff, you want to be in a safe space, you want to do what everybody is doing and you don’t want to take that leap of faith,” said Jalas.

Jalas was trying to dissect the ‘Mimi niko tu sawa’ mentality which he labeled as complacency among many people.

The biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk, being comfortable, not trying anything new, not wanting to be rained on. Just dive into the deep end because that one thing you are running away from could be your breakthrough.He added.