kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas

Kamene narrated a story of a young lady who is enjoying the achievement of being a medical stud at just 25.

The lady is stressed out because she says she feels left out by her boyfriend and he is spending time without her.

As a result, she questions whether she is insignificant.

Kamene says whatever she feels is very important but she shouldn't be letting her boyfriend make her feel insignificant while she is busy chasing her dreams.

Echoing Kamene's words, Jalas added: "Do not be afraid to have a few friends who actually share ideas with you."

He added,

Guys start shedding off because you have a different path and it is necessary.

In that path that you choose there will be new friends, new people and don't hold on to people, hold on to your dreams and your journey."

What a profound advice from heavy J Baba to you out there who is on the brink of choosing people over your dreams.