Today Kamene and Jalas had a very interesting conversation on the impact strict parenting has had on people now.

They dissected the pros and cons of strict parenting and while Jalas said he was the one who raised his parents, Kamene on the other hand blamed hers for being strict on her.

The minute I got freedom I just went crazy ndio maana niliharibika ni hawa wasee, my parents and their strictness ruined me. If they were not strict on me I would not be as rebellious as I am,” said Kamene.

Looking at the cons of being a strict parent, Jalas said: Another aspect that was coming up is that parents that are very strict on their children, the moment you are released it is like you are from a prison.

So you want to try everything, you want to drink, you want to smoke and have sex.

The two agreed that some kids who grew in a not so strict household have gone to become great men and women while there are some who enjoyed freedom but ruined their lives.

One male caller narrated how his sisters who are 30-years and above cannot interact with men to date because of the trauma they suffered when they were young.

He said their aunties warned them against entertaining men and as a result, they are not confident enough to go out there and socialize with them.

Opening up on the effect of strict parenting one Asna wrote: Them being strict hata saa hizi Mimi ni mtu mzima saa moja haiwezi nipata inje na si ati Kuna mtu atanichapa.

Harriet Nafula wrote; It's true when I get the slightest chance to go somewhere I go and say kesi baadae.

What is your story? Were your parents strict or easy on you and how did it impact your life?