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Kenya is one special country and apart from our beautiful sceneries and the wild animals, some characters would easily qualify as tourist attractions.

We have the meme kings, the politicians and then we have caretakers, a special kind that come as a very unique package.

These sort of people come up with the weirdest kind of rules which leaves one wondering whether they are trying to replace the landlord or just fishing for some respect from tenants.

Some will ask you not to bring more than one visitor at any given time, while some have the habit of switching off the lights at a certain time.

We asked our online community to share the weirdest rules they have had to endure from caretakers and wueh! These are simply high school principals in disguise.



Turu Cartel: Hakuna kununua hoofer


Amaya: No falling in love with fellow tenants nkt. Apa tu jujamaica.

Gjonerwa: Ishi nyumba utaweza kulipa rent with/without your job.

Crispine Ovesi: "Usijaribu kugongelea misumari kwa ukuta." Mimi kama gang ya kuhang nguo kwa ukuta nilipata taabu.

Archyeng: No male visitors at night.

Cate Muhia: Hizo nyumba ni za married people only..I had to lie that I'm married.

Pason: Ukimaliza fegi yako usiitupe huko chini huyo mama anaishi hapo chini ni mkali sana.

Djones: Lights on mchana then usiku wanazima.

Cayokin: Kuingia kwa nyumba before 10 else unalala nje ..that mkamba behaved like he has made it in life.

Meek: Nisikuwe na wageni eti coz ni hostels­čśé mom came I had to take her ID and mine to him to proof she was my was so mind boggling to mom she told me to move in with my sister