Kamene and jalas red
Kamene and jalas red

Are marriages or relationships the biggest drivers to obesity?

According to Kamene and Jalas, a research they stumbled upon shows that men and women add a considerable amount of weight when they get married.

Dissecting the research, Jalas agreed that when a man settles down or moves in with a lover, they indeed add weight. This, he says is because of lifestyle change.

"You know as a single person unaeza kula mtura na supu na ukuwe Sawa. There are people who can't eat anywhere in the evening because akifika nyumbani akose kula itakuwa war," said Jalas. Adding, halafu mabibi wanaweka mafuta Mingi.

For Kamene, she says the story was different when she was married.

"When I was married I was probably at my smallest," Kamene said.

So how true is the research? Below are some of the feedback we received from Kenyans who called in;

Joyce: Mimi nilikonda, hao wenye wananonesha wako hii Kenya?. Mubaba alinikondesha na stress yaani kila wiki lazima tu sort story ya wasichana now I'm at 57 from 48 kilograms."

Johnny said; Nikubaad. My friend sisi kama wanaume tunaogopa kuoa tutanonea wapi?

"Every person has their own different story. You make marriage how you want it but at the end of the day you can't be selfish and expect your marriage to work. The day I married I added weight." Preached James.

Evans said; Mwanamke kukonda na kunona is your responsibility. mwanamke ukimuoa within the first 3 months anafaa kuongeza weight.

Do you agree with the research? What is your story?