Kenya is famous for it's matatu culture. The flashy passenger vehicles, the lights, TV screens and the graffiti that have made them a tourist attraction.

However, apart from the loud music and the WiFi services offered on board, these matatus have stickers with hilarious messages that will leave you in stitches.

From funny 'misemos' that are usually spotted on women's shukas, to twisted proverbs that only the bright can understand, these stickers contain entertainment for the young and old.

Below are some of the hilarious stickers I have spotted from my most recent matatu rides; 

1. Hakuna mpesa tunajua unajua ku reverse.

2. Kulia na kucheka zote ni kelele.

3. Don't drink and drive smoke and fly.

4. Pesa Nikama ukimwi kila mtu husema Hana.

5. Bidii ya maskini wasi wasi kwa Tajiri.

6. Dere ako na bibi conda anatafuta.

matatu stickers
matatu stickers