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In Kanairo or Kenya at large, it is pretty much evident that only three circumstances can determine how your relationship end. You can either step down voluntarily, you can be impeached or external factors can contribute to it.


Stepping down can happen say when a guy or a chic sees no benefit in continuing in the relationship and the two choose to end things amicably.


The impeachment part comes to play when you are shocked that someone took your chic or your dude and you were thrown out in the cold! Yaani serikali ilipinduliwa.

The external forces point is pretty much straight forward – Unlike impeachment where you see it coming, here you tend to find and see other people flooding your lover’s Dms she gets invited to dates you can’t afford and her office boyfriend is the only thing she looks forward to every morning.


So how did your last relationship end? Was it because of external forces, were you impeached or external forces didn’t let you prosper?


Below are some of the reactions from Kiss listeners;

Brizzy: Nlipata ameolea

Ivie: External forces jamani🙌🙌🙌ilibidi nistep down

Brenda Chemutai: I surrendered 😢😂as a result of external forces