Jamaican star Etana pays courtesy call to Nairobi DG Kananu
The-star.co.ke Jamaican star Etana pays courtesy call to Nairobi DG Kananu

Jamaican singer Etana real name Shauna McKenzie is set to perform at the Ngong Racecourse this weekend.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100.co.ke, the 'Weakness in me' hit maker said she is ready to bring the city to a standstill.

"I will be performing the song Malaika for the very first time in Nairobi."

The singer went on to tell our very own Kalondu Musyimi about her family, revealing she is a mother of three.

"I am very private with my family life, it is not perfect and nobody's life is perfect. We fight and we do everything but at the end of the day, we remember our goals, we remember why we got together at first place, what we need to accomplish and we re-focus and we move on."


"I don't live just for myself. I never have. I live for my children and I live to make other people feel good about themselves. My purpose is to carry people through, spiritually, physically, mentally, thats my duty and I'm happy to do it."

Talking about the kind of legacy she is intending to leave behind, Etana said;

"It is important to focus on leaving a legacy, Keeping our generation strong, we keep building and keep growing and with unity comes more strength and the more we unite, the more we strengthen. That's the message I want  people to get from my songs."

"Our cultures are alike, we eat almost like the same food, we wear the same kind of clothes, the culture is rich and I feel like I'm home."

Check out her interview below;