Jalang'o solo kiss studio
Jalang'o solo kiss studio

What people need to know is that even with parents, siblings, colleagues or partner by your side, your very own individual effort to make a name for yourself.

Speaking during his wake up call segment, Jalas says your success boils down to your work ethic, character, your commitment and your focus.

“Who are you without your parent’s names, who are you without your workmates, siblings and partner? Success in your life still boils down to you.” Jalang’o said.

You could have the richest parents who’d give you everything but for you to manage what you’ve been given or create an empire out of it still boils down to you.”

He says he and Kamene are a team and as much as they are pushing the show’s numbers together, the success of the show still boils down to their individual output.

He added that even if you have someone doing what you want, they still will never be able to do it just like you would.