It is end month guys! The same October that began on a weekend had a million and one holidays just ended on a weekend!

With end month comes money and as much as that is supposed to bring about happiness, it also signifies the beginning of character development season.

Salaried ninjas are about to flex on your women and there is nothing much you can do about it.

Kamene and Jalas know very well that those salaried ninjas who have already been paid are already making plans and have included your girlfriend in them.

What that means is that boy child will be bombarded with excuses from left right and center on how she won't be partying with him just to escape with someone's son for the weekend.

Some of the most common lies girlfriends are going to use include;

1. "Babe I am cramping."

2. "I think I need to take a Covid test and quarantine for 14 days."

3. "I need to visit my mom this weekend because I don't want to travel during the festive period."

So dear boy child, incase she starts coming up with excuses ahead of the weekend, I think it is safe to call yourself 'single and taken for granted.'