A little over 24 hours ago, TikToke sensation and content creator, Azziad Nasenya was the top trending topic on Twitter for hours.

This is after she was nominated for the E! people’s choice award, becoming the only Kenyan and East African to bag that prestigious nomination this year.


Reacting to the news, Jalas reminded listeners that the first time her name trended, was when her ‘Utawezana’ TikTok video went viral. While some praised her dance moves others called her names and almost drove her to depression.

However, she didn’t stop and this time she is trending on the very platform that she was vilified, this time from people singing her name and showing utmost respect.

Jalas says the greatest lesson one can learn from that is that you should always do you and one day they will respect you.

“Whether she wins or not which I hope she does, it is a win for her. She’s proved that beyond every storm there’s something nice always coming. Beyond the turbulence the plan will land.” Said Jalang'o.