Eric and maribe
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Eric Omondi is a man under fire after he was accused by his baby mama, Jacque Maribe of neglecting their baby boy.

It all started when the president of comedy in Africa posted a photo of him holding Miss P's fake baby bump. The caption which he said he was willing to take responsibility, is the one that opened a floodgate of accusations from the media personality.

Maribe was not taking prisoners and was among the first people on the comment section where she tagged her sister Cate Maribe accusing Eric of not taking care of his son for seven whole years.

She wrote; Responsibility? @catewamaribe come I can't speak πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 7 years of responsibility.

Jacque wasn't done and took to her IG where she revealed that she has been taking care of her beloved son on her own.

She wrote;

So, all said and done, and you can read in between the lines if you want, I'm hopelessly in love with motherhood. And as a single mum doing everything on her own, my goal is to raise a brilliant person, as he already is.

Youtuber Mungai Eve caught up with Eric Omondi and the two called Jacque Maribe who revealed that Eric doesn't even know where his son lives, where he goes to school and doesn't even talk to him despite buying him a phone.

She told him not to expect her to sanitize him and she had to reveal the truth, leaving Eric with an egg on his face.

Reacting to that video, Jacque's sister Cate wasn't done and she added fuel to the fire and warned Eric against using 'our' baby for clout.

"Baba ni ule ana lea si sperm donor....PS bado nangojea umalize kupark gari unitumie fees ya mtoto wako....oh sorry was that last year?" Cate's caption read in part. 

Cate Maribe calls out eric omondi
Cate Maribe calls out eric omondi

Eric is yet to address the issue and it looks like he will just play it out till Kenyans forget and move on.