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Everyday we advocate for kindness among one another because we don't know what battles they are fighting.

This has made it an easy escape for others who mistake kindness for weakness.

Picture this; A friend shows up to your house unannounced and want to eat your food use your facilities because they think that's what friends do.

Some have a habit of being 'perfect timers' and will always show up when the food is ready or just when you are preparing some.

Another annoying category is one that overstays their welcome. You agreed to catch a movie or drinks and they end up sleeping over but don't know when to leave.

So how do you deal with kind of people? Kenyans know how to 'politely' ask you to leave which sometimes can be embarrassing for those who don't know how to read signs.

Below is how Kenyans do it;

Charlie Karumi: "Meeting yetu ya illumi inaanza hapa in 30 minutes, uko form?"

Steve Mwova: Natoka kiasi, tunaeza tokanisha.

Iam Sherry: Saa hii nakuanga nimelala' acting sleepy.

May Mtour: Wah Leo sioni nikipika.

Murimi the MC: Wacha twende ukinifikisha kwa duka.

Lex Dee: Have you Requested an uber?

NkoiBon: Kuna mgeni naendea stage twendanishe ukienda.

Hustler: Cheki... Hata Umepata nkitoka.

Val Gesare: Na hii giza usipotoka sai utaibiwa ama unyeshewe ,si nikusindikize sai?

Flof: Uko sure hutaki fresh air?