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Are you being wise, particular, picky or you're just plain dumb? What are some of the reasons have you used to not be with someone?

I for instance could go on a lengthy mile with my list. All of them unreasonable of course. I could debunk some of the excuses that some of you have used to not be with someone.

"I've been hurt before"

So has everyone literally, even those in happy relationships and marriages. You're quitting on a chance to get a potential soulmate over something so cliche?

"He is short"

If you're absolutely set on finding someone who clears the 6 foot mark so be it. But you're seriously limiting your options. You'll be lucky if 1 in 100 guys actually meet your criteria.

"You live far"

Welcome to Kenya, particularly Nairobi where a lady will turn down your advances because 'you live far.'

Bro you live in Kikuyu and she lives close to CBD. She'll legit say you live far. " unaishi mbali, unaishi ushagoo, iyo haiwezi make aki." Kenyan ladies quit this 'ashawos' please.

"He's too young for me"

If it's a real connection you're looking for, age is just but a number.

"He's too nice"

What does 'too nice' even mean? Does he check up on you? Ask about your day? He does everything for you? That's what you call 'too nice' What have you been dating before?

"How will I tell people we met online?"

I'll remind you there's no shame in online dating. The world is changing and so should you. If you connect with someone and it's genuine, that's enough to say yes to whatever life has in store for you with your newly found soulmate

The dating landscape is complicated, if you're not ready just don't lead someone on just to hit them with rejection. Your conscious thought is still there, use it.