Kamene and Jalas all black
Kamene and Jalas all black

Today is Amber Ray's birthday and even before she woke up her ex lover, Jimal Rohosafi had already posted a video of her having a good time complete with a sweet birthday message.

Jimal wrote; Happy Birthday, have a great celebration today 🥂 @iam_amberay.

An excited Amber replied; do what you wanna,be who you wanna,forgive and let the karma 🎶🎶🎶 favourite lyrics  thank you Chairman.

Jalang'o saw it as a noble action by Jimal saying that he didn't see anything wrong with sending birthday wishes to your ex.

In fact, a few weeks ago he sent his baby mama a sweet birthday message. 

Kamene says that level of engagement is what ruins your current and your future relationships.

"In the history of of anything there's no way an ex is supposed to wish you a happy birthday and everything because it will affect your pursuit of someone else," Kamene said.

It seems like Kamene shares the views of many Kenyans who also don't think engaging your ex is a wise idea.

Baba zuri : Ex tulimalisana na yeye siku tulimalizana.

Joe: Leo na support Kamene. Ex abaki kuwa ex

Isaac: I made a mistake and spoke to my ex na Sasa amenikwamilia na nina baby mama. Kwa hivyo wachana na ex!

Ogolla: anyone who I dated before the age of 25 is a childhood friend