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In Nairobi, one day you are fighting the cold alone, the other you are knee deep in talking stages before you find yourself in a relationship.

Even before the cold months pass by, your partner hits you with the lamest and ridiculous excuses just to break up with you and you are back on the streets.

I mean, when you are done with someone just say you are done not looking for excuses. Right?

Kamene says she once fake cheated on her guy back in campo so she could dump the poor soul but it backfired heavily on her as the guy wasn't going anywhere.

Jalang'o says a woman despite knowing when the curfew time begins, would ask you to come over at 11 P.M. and threaten to leave you if you fail.

One female caller said she was dumped for causing a scene when she bumped into her man in a compromising situation.

She said,

"The guy told me you have caused me a lot of embarrassment we can't do this anymore and it is because I found him with another chic. Hata where I stay they call me Mrs. Embarrassment. Siku hizi namuangalianga tu Facebook kama wamewachana ama amekufa." 

Below are some of the most ridiculous reasons partners give just to end a relationship according to Kamene and Jalas;

1. She told me to grow a beard in one week.

2. I want to focus on other things for now relationships is not one of them.

3. We are relocating and I can't do long distance relationships.

4. I want to get engaged next month, get married soon and start a family and we are not going anywhere.

5. I don't want my struggles to affect you.

6. My spirit is leading me on a different path.