modern Nairobi houses
Image: Courtesy modern Nairobi houses

A safe neighborhood, availability of clean water, electricity and a cheap house is what everyone looks for before moving houses.

While the availability of mama mboga in the area is paramount, some also want a place closer to their workplace or school but to some, such things don't matter much unless there are enough suitors.

The writer got to understand this moments after we asked Kenyans to highlight the most important things they look for before moving houses.

Check out their answers below;

Owich Brio: MAMA MBOGA!

Snaidah Obote: Kama kuna jirani tunaeza kua tukinetflix and chill


Kajijoh: Madem

Karen: Ka ngakua na kibanda legiit,yaani faine kibandaski

Ohjah: Ka naeza ruka gate usiku nkichelewa😂😂

Winny Nzuve: Boy next door

Lil Edd: Maji na wamama

Puritie Cole: Bar iko karibu

Purple Lady: Kama Choo na bafu ziko distance from one house to another 👀 sitaki ile inakaa high-school

Canaan Kip: Sura na Attitude ya caretaker.

Maurine Shishia: Hygiene, are the toilets clean?? 

Chebet Maru: Kamba ya nguo na wamama ni wangapi kwanza

Clearly we all have different check list while looking for a place to settle in this kanairo!