chito ndlovu
chito ndlovu

When Chito is not teaming up with Cyd Wambui to feed us some craziness on air, he gives us a few tips on matters relationships.

Have you ever heard of the the relationship expert put up a video exploring what the 80/20 rule means in regards to relationships.

"The 80/20 rule in regard to a relationship is very simple it simply states that you will never find someone who is 100%. You will always find someone at an 80% then there is the 20% that you may not always find." Chito said.

Chito says most people always find themselves excited with the 80% and when it hits them that there is the 20% which is missing, they begin seeing it in someone else.

He says for instance, one may find a loving, kind and caring partner but who sucks at bedminton or maybe meet someone else who you think is better at bedminton but ends up being nasty, annoying and pisses you off.

His advice to the people in relationships is to make sure the person they are with ticks their 80 from the start so they don’t find themselves with a 20 mistaking it to be an 80.

“Take that 80/20 rule and use It to your advantage. Put your list down, tick it and keep moving.” He said.

Check out the video below;