jalang'o funny
jalang'o funny

A video of Jalang'o running away from a lady who pounced on him while hosting an event in Bondo, has since gone viral and Kamene can't keep calm.

When Kamene saw the clip, she made it her duty to torment her co-host as she repeatedly made fun of how he ran off the stage from the feisty lady who suggestively pounced on Jalas.

Kamene wanted to know what really was going through Jalas' mind in that heated moment.

In his defence, Jalas said;

"I'm traumatized! I was not ready or prepared for the lady to jump on me. She asked can we dance? I asked 'me?' before I could answer she was already pouncing on me!"

He added,

I've hosted a lot of those dancing competitions and they always get you off guard. These babes are always ready to perform every stunt to win the Ksh10,000 up for grabs.

When this chic jumped on me it was a wrap!

Check out the hilarious video below;