Otile Brown vs Mbosso and Zuchu
Image: Courtesy Otile Brown vs Mbosso and Zuchu

Otile Brown has accused Tanzania's Mbosso and Zuchu of stealing his song's melody on their latest release 'for your love.'

The award winning singer claims the two artists stole the melody from his hit song 'baby love' which he features his ex Vera Sidika

In what he termed as a 'habit' Otile called the two artists out saying they are lucky he is not childish.

"Punguzeni mazoea basi … Hio ni melody nzima ya baby love , if you know you know .. mnabahati sina utoto na roho mbaya," wrote Brown. 

Listen and compare to both songs below, be your own judge and let us know whether there is any similarity in terms of melodies.

1. For your love 

2. Baby Love