Jalas solo
Jalas solo

Ever found yourself feeling like an outcast? Where no one wants to associate themselves with you because they feel you don’t share their dreams? Jalas says ‘relax.’

He says when people want to move on from your life it is the perfect time to accept it, take a step back and rebuild. “Relax, they will miss you when they can’t replace you,” said Jalas.

“You are feeling out of place because you are not with them anymore, you feeling things are not going your way because the people you thought got your back have left you. Relax and start rebuilding.

Start refocusing, start working on yourself start creating soon and very soon them that left will want to be part of your life. Added Jalas.

He says that by the time the same people want to come back you will have moved on, made new friends who share your vision and it will be too late for them.

Watch the inspiring video below;