Kamene solo
Kamene solo

Kamene believes that if you keep gossiping, bad mouthing other people and wishing them ill and looking down on them, then you will never find happiness.

She says a lot of what we actually receive is a result of what we give and translates to why some people find it hard to move forward in life.

Baby girl, you’re never going to find happiness if you continue to treat people badly.

You wonder why am I not happy why are things not going right in my life. You know a lot of what you get is what you give, it is a two way street,” Kamene said.

She adds that it is very easy to be mean but nothing good comes from it and adds you nothing.

Her advice to her fellow babes? If you don’t want to lessen your chances to a happier life then stop poisoning yourself by doing that which is not good. She says it all boils down to how you treat others.

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