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As a man, In this our Kanairo if your looks are not that appealing you need deep pockets, a few referrals from ladies or great pickup lines to have women falling for you.

If you are not funny then you have higher chances of being stood up than being a stand up comedian to women seeking your attention.

We decided to ask our online community to share the pickup lines that swept them off their feet and I can confidently say if we were on mkatiano squid games, Kenya would have comfortably won.

Check out some of the best pickup lines;

Graaycee: This guy told me "kwani nguo zako ni sadaka,,, nafeel kuzitoa" 

Leon Kelvin: Ulinibamba juzi vile ulikuwa unadance, ungekuwa muhindi ungeitwa Tingi shah.

Gichovi Mwende: this guy was trying to fit into my mavin and I told, "stop your head is too big" akanishow, "n yours is too little, can I give you some" 

Nick Neil: Kwani ngozi Yako ndo ilifunga slaves pale shimo la tewa? Juu ni NYORORO.

Fulton Miles: Najua uko na Mr. Buh mistakuwacha.

Tmx: Kwa mat "Msupa nifungue hii dirisha ama nifungue roho?"

Wayne Mark: Hey you are like a bad meme I dont want to share you.

Mutuma: Me:unakaa nyumba iko kando ya barabara....her:kwa nini?Me:juu nadai kukubomoa.