Ever met someone who actually encourages you to stay single? Not for all the naughty shenanigans but for your own good? Well Chito is that person.


The Kiss FM drive presenter cum relationship expert says it is important for one to stay single so they can learn stuff about themselves, things they love and don’t love before settling with someone else.


“If you do not know how to stay with others stay single, if you don not want to evolve stay single. If you are not comfortable with allowing others to win, don’t get married stay single.” Said Chito.


He added,


Being in a relationship is about evolving it is about moving forward and if you don’t want to grow stay single. Don’t waste your time getting down with somebody because you will end up wasting their time and yours.


Chito wants you to grow and find yourself in your single hood. He wants you to find the things you love and you don’t love, the things you hate learn yourself.

Check out the video below;