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Enyewe in Africa and especially Kenya you don't need character development anywhere else when you have an African parent.

Some are so old school that some things like showing affection in front of the kids, kissing their kids goodnight or even uttering 'I love you' is something they don't fathom.

Kenyan mothers have a very unique way of appreciating you as well as complimenting you.

For instance, they find it hard to tell you, you are smartly dressed and will just find a longer or shorter route to do so.

One @gakuruss took to Twitter to ask Kenyans to comment on how Kenyan mothers compliment them when they look amazing. So we decided to ask the same question on our Instagram page and the responses are hilarious.

Kwambai Jnr: Leo unaenda safari wapi???

Collins Johari: Leo umeng'ara kama maiti 

Jamsta Music: umepata tupesa hautaambiwa sasa? Enda ukazikunywe na wasichana, ukirudi utanipata hapa. 

Fabie Paul: Utarudi leo kweli?

D Seven: Unafanana n Babako early 90s

Wambida: Leo hii hukai kurudi

Vic Matou: Her: na usalimie uyo muschana yako.....Nitamuona lini?

Huncho: Hii nayo tulinunua lini!!

Jojos : Hyo kazi wanakulipa pesa ngapi?

Child Swedish: Anaulizia kama nimebeba spare key Ju anajua sitarudi, then she tells me to stay 'safe'

Faridah: "Now you look like a human being"