FOMO (fear of missing out) is real when it comes to concerts in Kenya. Most Kenyans would literally do anything not to miss out on such riengs.

From covering hundreds of kilometers, borrowing loans to being a beggar, these are just of what most people do for their own reasons.

Addressing this, Kamene advised her fellow babes to avoid being turned into a beggar for mere concerts.

She says it is way too high of a price to trade dignity, values and even self esteem for enjoyment.

“Baby girl do not turn yourself into a beggar because of a weekend of enjoyment,” Kamene said.

The number of excuses I get in my Dms, Whatsapp, calls. Everyone has been in a crisis for the past two weeks, everybody needs something urgently.“

Kamene is strongly against women compromising their integrity and dignity to beg for enjoyment money.