side chics side chics

'Side chic' is a relationship status in my country, I don't know about yours though.

Not many people want the risk of having one partner. They prefer to have back-ups in case their true love leave them blindsided.

Sis, you need to stay woke and ensure you're not the OTHER WOMAN!

Do you think you are dating someone who's seeing someone else? Here are the signs to look out for:

He is secretive

I once had a partner I didn't even know his real name! Wait, I didn't even know the type of phone he was using. 'Aki mapenzi wewe!'

You don't know anything about him. Does he have siblings? Is he employed? Does he own a home? You have questions he has no answers to.

He never lets you in, he keeps you at arm's length. He is not looking at you in a long-term partner kind of way, why should he tell you his secrets?

He leaves right after sex

He doesn't stay and talk after sex. There's absolutely no snuggling or any kind of canoodling. Do you want to know why he's in such a rush? Two possibilities.

He either wants to go and be with his main woman or he doesn't want to spend time with you. Which one is worse?

You have low expectations

You're excited when he does something small like sending you a goodnight text.

That's the problem, your expectations should be high and not below par, and they would be if you were not his side chic, I know you agree with me.

But he has set the bar low... too low and because of that, all he has to do is to respond to your text and your stomach is filled with butterflies.

He's stingy with his money

Guys with side chicks don't have the budget to treat all their ladies. The spend on the one they're going to wife someday. You be okay with the bare minimum!

He avoids any "BOYFRIEND" duties

He refuses to be your plus one to your friend's wedding or any other social events and he won't go to your friends' dinner dates. He says he likes you but his actions speak louder than words. If he did like you, he'd not act like a stranger you met on the streets.